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  • Getting the Soundtrack=any info that I know about getting the soundtrack will be posted at the Soundtrack Page. That is all the more I know and any emails will be ignored.

  • Video or Audio Files=the only audio or video files that I will put on my site will be from any cut scenes or from the trailer. If you want any other audio or video from the movies, rent them or buy them.

  • Questions=if you are going to ask me a question please make sure that you have visited all the segments and links on my pages to see if your question can be answered. For example: if you want to know who is the director of KK or how long it is, go to my links section and click on the link to KKI on the Internet Movie Data Base to see if they have that info.

  • Negative Comments=all negative comments will be ignored/trashed. Don't waste your time!

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