I believe Karate Kid was the best movie ever made, but still I have came up with some questions about the movie for you to answer. If you can help me out, please email me at fr8trainlane@hotmail.com.

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8.When Johny fights with Miyagi by the fence, I can't see Miyagi ever hitting him in the face. He blocks the kick trips him up and Johny falls on his back and Miyagi chops him in the gut if I remember right. Yet Johny tells Creese that Miyagi is the one that gave him the big soar around his eye. Am I right?

7.After surfing the Internet Movie Database, I found a listing for a "The Karate Kid" animated series back in 1989 on NBC produced by Dic entertainment. Supposidely there were 3 main characters: Danielson, Miyagi, and Taki. Does anyone remember the cartoon, when it was aired, some plots, or anything else? Here's the IMDB site about the cartoon

6.In a book about Karate movies, it states that Ralph Macchio signed a contract to do to sequels to the first KK movie, does anyone know whose decision it was to not include him in the 4th movie? Did he get sick of it, did a director think he was too old, was a money? Also, why did Pat Morita do the 4th movie, I doubt he was signed to one more sequal than Ralph was.

UPDATE (9/14)-the reply I got for this question is that Pat was desperate and Ralph wasn't, and after seeing some of Pat Morita's latest movies I have to admidt "The Next Karate Kid" was probably one of the more respectable movies he has done lately even though it sucked.

5.Although in the scene where the Kobra Kai were drinking brew and riding their bikes seemed realistic, the scene where Johny is rolling joints with headphones on in the bathroom at the school dance seemed odd and strange to me. Did this seem odd to anyone else? Then when the other Kobra Kai comes in and yells "Hey Johny, you got them babies rolled yet" when a person they didn't know in a shower costume on was in the bathroom seemed stupid.

4.Although I believe a great job was done introducing and showing the characters personalities, one person I feel was left out was the boy he met as he moved into the apartment (Tommy?). We see him at the beach, we see him making fun of Daniel at soccer try-outs, and I never seen him again until the very end when Daniel wins and he comes out to congradulate him. Why was he at the tournament if he thought Daniel was such a loser and why was he not seen during the middle portion of the movie?

4 1/2.While on the subject of this kid, why in this totally clean, family film would they make this kid wear a shirt saying "Makin' Bacon" with a picture of pigs humpin' on it? It was cool and funny, but it seemed out of place to me.

3.Two of the most powerfull songs that I believe were used in the movie do not exist on the soundtrack. "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama was used in the soccer/school scene and really fit the atmosphere well. "The Ride" was used in the beginning of the movie when the Kobra Kai were on top of the hill above the beach with their motorcycles. Was there any reason why these two songs were excluded from the record version of the soundtrack and are they present on the tape version? I have a CD quality copy of "Cruel Summer" but does anyone have a copy of the whole song of "The Ride"?

UPDATE (9/14)-Some have mentioned that they believe that "Cruel Summer" was not on the soundtrack because of the popularity of Bananarama. One rude dude from the Ralph Macchio page or something said that it was like an Aerosmith song not being on the "Dazed and Confused" soundtrack because it would cost too much. "Cruel Summer" was the first song released that even charted on Billboard's 100 by Bananarama and it wasn't released until months after the movie came out. So the Karate Kid soundtrack was probably put together well before the movie was released, Bananarama were unheard of, "Cruel Summer" was in the movie but not on the soundtrack even though at the time of the movie release it wasn't a hit, and wasn't released until months after the movie release in which it then became a hit and Bananarama later made a name of themselves with the success of it and "Venus".

2.After Daniel visits the dojo of the Kobra Kai for the first time and later is eating at the restaurant that his mother was working at, you can see in the background through the window the Kobra Kai getting out of practice and talking, all of them walk away the other way, except for one that walks toward the window. He seems to squint and apparently see Daniel in the window and run off to get the others. The others come back, stare for a couple seconds and run back off away from the mirror until they are out of sight. Why did they just run-off and can anyone make anymore sense of this scene than I am discribing?

UPDATE (2/11)-It seems that the majority of the responders believe that the answer is that the Kai went to get their bikes and wait for Daniel to teach him a lesson after he came into their dojo. I got the drift of this before writing the above question, just that more specifically I wonder why the Kai would go and waste this much time to wait for Daniel and then just push him down the hill when they could rough of just waited and roughed him up at school? When Daniel was eating, it was light out and when the Kai caught up with him it was pitch dark. There had to be the difference of at least one hour because it just doesn't just go from sunny-bright out to dark.

1.While reading the Point book adaption of the movie, it mentioned that after Daniel and Ali were talking in the cafeteria, as they went to set down, Daniel set on a piece of pie. He looked at Johny and Johny was laughing so he knew Johny did it and he got up and smeared the pie on to Johny's shirt. At first I thought this was just made up strictly for the book, but as I looked at the back cover of the book I saw this picture:

After seeing this picture, I knew that this seen must of been filmed, but on every VHS copy of KK I have seen, it cuts off with Daniel talking about how many weeks that Ali and Johny have been split up. Was this part of the movie in the original theater version and cut-out for video? Does anyone have a VHS copy of the movie with this segment in it, or was it simply cut for reasons of time?

UPDATE (1/16)-After doing some researching I found out that the Swedish (Sweden) version of KKI is 127 minutes instead of the American 126 minutes, could the one minute pie scene be the minute difference? If there is anyone from Sweden who knows someone from there, have them check it out. It is merely a stab in the dark.

UPDATE (9/14)-A lot of people have been emailing me about this, some have been emailing me and saying "Duh, of course it exists, it's a shame it was cut out!" I know that it exists or I wouldn't of posted the picture, I'm looking for someone to send me a video cassette with the segment taped on it and hopefully someone can mail a copy to me and I can put it on this page as a quicktime movie. I know someone from Sweden has seen this segment, if you have a copy of this segment please email me. Thanks!

Stay tune for more questions and email me your questions on the movie!