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*Many thanks to Andrew for sending me these links!*

*THE Karate Kid Page once at
-It was only a matter of time but unfortunately it looks like the ORIGINAL and first The Karate Kid Page on the net is down. It wasn't updated in some time and I only had contact with the author once 4 years ago. It had some good info on it like William Zabka who played Johny emailed the author and the email was on the page. Below is an archive of the site. There are only a few pictures and no music files with this cache. If you're the author of the site, please email me.

[Archive of THE Karate Kid Page]

*The Karate Kid Dojo once at
-I emailed Morgan and unfortunately it sounds like the KK Dojo is down for good. Morgan had problems with his servers and they erased the page and files and it would be hard to find a server to store all the files he had on. If you have any reliable space or ideas for putting his site back-up please email Morgan, it sounds like he may be willing to put it back up. The link to the archived site is below, please note that all the once downloadable files are gone.

[Archive of The Karate Kid Dojo]

*The Karate Kid Website-the other KK site, the best KK site by far.
*Bonsai Tree Page
*The Okinawan Karate Page

Internet Movie Database links:

***IMDB is a site owned by that has all the casting, production, and statistical information you want to know about your favorite movie!

*IMDB's The Karate Kid Page

*IMDB's The Karate Kid Part II Page

*IMDB's The Karate Kid Part III Page

*IMDB's The Next Karate Kid Page