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Karate Kid I Soundtrack
Side one
The Moment of TruthSurvivor
(Bop Bop)On the BeachThe Flirts and Jan+Dean
No ShelterBroken Edge
Young HeartsCommuter
(It Takes)Two to TangoPaul Davis
Sides Two
Tough LoveShandi
Rhythem ManSt. Regis
Feel the NightBaxter Robertson
DesireGang of Four
You're the BestJoe "Bean" Esposito

***The original soundtrack was available on Casablanca (a Polygram company) as a record and a tape, I have the original record version but I haven't seen a cassette version. After its initial run, a Polygram subsidy, Karussell is making it under their Spectrum music soundtrack line. It seems to be a line where they remake old Polygram soundtracks, such as "The Warrior", and put them out in markets where there is still interest. The Karate Kid one is made in Germany and the quality is better than that of my vinyl version tenfold. I bought mine over the net from a gentleman from Israel but they are apparently available for around $22 through a web site, visit my buy Karate Kid stuff page for more info on that. It is too bad that the fold out in the CD doesn't have the original color pictures or movie credits that were on the back of the original record version. The only pictures that exist are the side to side face shots of Ali and Daniel in black and white and these pictures and quite blurry and pixelated even with some out of place lettering in the upper left corner from the original tape version sleeve. Well worth the $22, I'll scan the original back pictures and put then on my page when I get my new computer anyway.

Karate Kid II Soundtrack
Side One
Glory of LovePeter Cetera
Rock 'n' Roll Over YouThe Moody Blues
Fish For LifeMancrab
Rock Around the ClockPaul Rodgers
Let Me At 'EmSouthside Johnny
Side Two
This Is the TimeDennis DeYoung
Earth AngelNew Edition
Love Theme of KK IIBill Conti
Two Looking at OneCarly Simon
The StormBill Conti

***I'm not exactly sure of all the formats of this album, but I do have the original soundtrack as a tape. I also have the Peter Cetera "Glory of Love" 45 record single which has a picture of Peter on one side of the sleeve and the KKII movie poster picture on the other side of the sleeve.

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Karate Kid III Soundtrack
Side One
Listen to Your HeartLittle River Band
Under Any MoonGlenn Medeiros+Elizabeth Wolfgramm
This Could Take All NightBoys Club
I Can't Help Myself(When it Comes to You)Glenn Medeiros
The First ImpressionJude Cole
Side Two
Summer in the CityThe Pointer Sisters
Out For the CountWinger
48 HoursPBF
In a TranceMoney Talks
Love Theme from KK IIIBill Conti

***I have this soundtrack in both its original tape and CD versions, I don't know if there was a vinyl version of it.

Chart History-taken from Billboard magazine

WC=weeks chartedPP=peak positionDD=debut date

Surprisingly, these were the only songs that broke Billboard's Hot 100 and there was none from KK III
Moment of Truth/Survivor16376/16/84
Cruel Summer/Bananarama+9187/21/84
Glory of Love/P.Cetara21*216/7/86
This is the Time/deYoung29336/28/86
Earth Angel/New Edition221148/23/86
*=This song was #1 for two consecutive weeks
+=Although it was in KK I, it wasn't on the soundtrack

Singer's Tidbits

***By now I'm sure everyone has heard Ace of Base's remake of "Cruel Summer". It hit radio around the middle of June and got a quite a bit of airplay on most mainstream pop stations. A single was released and around here you could buy it for $1.99 (on CD) at any Wal-mart, Musicland, etc. It has two versions, a regular pop version and a faster dance version. The version seems like a major waste of time because it sounds EXACTLY like Bananarama's version, except for a 5 segment where "baby, don't you leave me, oh, don't you leave me" which didn't add much. It was interesting to see how popular the song "Cruel Summer" is and how many DJs credited or mentioned Bananarama's original version when playing Ace of Base's new version. Ace of Base even called their new CD that was released in late June "Cruel Summer". It just shows that a washed up group like Ace of Base has to leach off the popularity of older songs just to sell any of their CDs. If you saw the video (if Ace of Base had one), please email me and tell me the premississ of it. Thanks!

***The "Victory" single has hit stores today! It samples Bill Conti's "Alone in the Ring" which Bill created for the Rocky movies. The song involves Puffy and Notorious B.I.G. rapping the verses and Busta Rhymes rapping the chorus. The single includes the radio version of the song (the album version censored, which should be interesting saying that the album version relies on the chorus of "We got the real live sh*t from front to back, All my ni**as in the place, where the f*** you at, where my b*tches be at, where the f*** my b*tches at, where my ni**as be at." ), the drama mix, and get this, a new remix of "Been Around the World"! Again it hit the Sam Goody chain of stores today (includes On Cue, Musicland, Disc Jockey, Media Play, Circuit City) and is priced at $3.99 ($2.99 Circuit City). Since it is a hacked single (no parental advisory sticker), it should be at your local K-mart, Wal-mart, Shopko, Target, etc. next week at $1.99. A must buy! The video may be delayed a bit from the success of P-Diddy's last single "Been around the World", but should hit MTV w/in the next two weeks. Email me what you think of it!

***"Victory" (see below) is being released as Puff Daddy's next single, so beleive me, you'll be hearing the song soon! Also, he is going to make a rock version of the song, similiar to "It's all about the Benjamins". So far he 4 groups/artists are being considered, including Trent Reznor and Anthrax.

***"Cruel Summer" in a new movie? Yep, "Cruel Summer" is in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion! This is a great movie, me being a 21 year-old male college student, I didn't think this movie would be my type, but it rocks. I recommend it. Along with "Cruel Summer", there are tons of other great 80's songs like "Every one Wants to Rule the World" (from "Real Genius", another great 80's movie) and "Karma Chameleon" by Boy George. If you want "Cruel Summer" on CD, check out the Soundtrack. I'm also considering making a CD with lots of great Karate Kid songs (inc. Cruel Summer) at a reasonable price if I get the money around, so check back!

***I'm sure you all know Bill Conti is the man behind all the Karate Kid soundtracks, he also did some of the instrumentals on the KKII and KKIII soundtracks. He also made a instrumental called "Alone in the Ring" (I imagine for a "Rocky" movie) which Puff Daddy embodied and used exerpts from in his song "Victory". The song includes Busta Rhymes and the Notorious B.I.G. and it comes off real well. It's on P-diddy's No Way Out CD.

***Peter "Glory of Love" Cetera has a new CD out and at least one single off of it. Haven't heard any of it yet.

***ever wonder who the hell Peter Cetara is, well he was the lead singer of the group "Chicago" for their first 17 albums!

***Dennis de Young (sung "This is the Time" on KK II) later became the lead singer and keyboarder of the group "Styx".

***Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" was in the movie KK which was released to theaters on 6/22/84, and the song itself was hit the charts one month later, but why wasn't the song on the soundtrack? At first, I figured because they were such a big act, but Bananarama only had released one song before "Cruel Summer" and that song flopped!

***It is sad to see that the first KK sdtrk had no real big song off of it, it seems that since Karate Kid was supposed to be so similar to Rocky, and Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was such a great success for one of the earlier Rocky soundtracks, that maybe Bill was banking on Survivor to make another movie hit for KK, but it obviously backfired w/ "Eye of the Tiger" staying #1 for three weeks and "The Moment of Truth" peaked at a measly #63.

***you have to laugh looking back at the 3rd soundtrack, with such great artists such as Glenn Meideros (remember that lame song "The Girl ain't Worth it" w/Bobby Brown!) and Winger! It seems like maybe they were embarrassed by the artists, because only the song titles were listed on the outside of the cassette, to read the artists you had to open the cassette and unfold the tape leaflet. The best song from III is the Pointer Sister's version of "Summer in the City", which is pretty cool.