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KK Cartoon

I remember a little bit about the Karate Kid cartoons. It's probably been at least 8 years since I last saw that cartoon. The voice of the Daniel was done by the same person who does the voice of Wheeler from Captain Planet. I think it's kind of funny, that Wheeler was a New Yorker and Daniel was from Jersey yet they sounded exactly alike. The voice of the girl in the karate kid was done by the woman who played Gi in Captain Planet. I can't remember too many of the episodes. The whole plot of the thing was that they were in search of some small shrine. Someone evil would get a hold of it, the good guys would beat the bad guy, but the shrine would be lost. I remember one episode where Daniel was shrunk. Then I vaguely remember some episode where Miyagi was teaching Daniel to visualize, and when he was fighting this strong Japanese warrior, he visualized the pool balls in the shape of a banzai tree and somehow beat the guy. Don't ask me what that means, I can remember what happened but that's about it. In the last episode our heroes met up with an opposing family who also wanted the shrine. I think they were in Okinawa. Finally when Taki is inches away from getting the shrine, she instead saves the other guy who was looking for the shrine. The shrine then falls into the river, but the two opposing families are friends again. That's how the series ended.

*Pictures used with permission from and commentary above is by Jason Sears*

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