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Lipton Sizzle & Stir Ad 2/28/01
Once again I was shocked to see another Lipton add with a KK character in it. This time it was promoting Lipton's Sizzle and Stir meal maker and it involved Sally Jesse Rapheal, I believe Chuck Wolery, Little Richard, and Pat Morita. Although I believe Sally called him by "Pat", he was dressed like Mr. Miyagi and when Little Richard sassed him he grunted and got into the notorious crane stance. Oddly Pat had a pony tail in the back and looked pretty much as he did in the KK movies. I don't recall the complete dialogue but mainly it consisted of Sally cooking and getting the others to set the table and Little Richard and Pat going at it.

MY THOUGHT:It was nice to see Pat again after all these years and so willing to kick Little Richards ass. It seems sad though that Pat and his character from the KK has more or less fell into the murk of B-class actors selling out and mocking them former geat selves for corporate america. Once again, it is nice to see some references to KK in 2001, even if they are positive, it still shows the impact the movie has had.

Lipton Brisk Ad
It was late Tuesday night, my night off and I was drinking some beers, surfing the net, and kind of watching the tube when a certain ad caught my eye. I don't know if you are familiar with the usual puppet/claymation ads that Lipton Brisk has done, such as ones with Rocky and Babe Ruth. This ad had the Karate Kid and Bruce Lee. The dialogue pretty much went like this:
KK="I will get you Bruce Lee"
BL="It's the Karate Kid and he's now 32!"
Then Mr. Miyagi jumped out and Bruce Lee said, "oh, it's Al from Happy Days!"
Then Bruce Lee drank a Lipton Brisk and kicked the KK through a glass window.

MY THOUGHT: I was pissed off by this ad. I was hoping that they may do an ad with the KK after they got the rights for Rocky and got Sylvester Stallone to do the voice, but this ad was crap. I know there may be more Bruce Lee fans than KK fans, but they at least could have left KK out of the ad if they were only going to insult him and kick his @$$. They could have had KK and BL gang up on someone we all hate, like The Backstreet Fags, I mean Boys, or The Nanny or someone. They gave the KK a deep, burly stupid voice in the ad too. The commercial was a lame attempt at mimmicking MTV's successful Celebrity Deathmatches. I sure in hell ain't gonna buy any Brisk now. Boycott Lipton Brisk until they apoligize to us!!!

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*Updated 11/4/04 Watch the KK/Bruce Lee ad with info on it or download it as a zip here.