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  • Why the Atari 2600?
  • The 2600's Reign
  • Who Made the Best 2600 Games?
  • The Best+Worst of Movie/Cartoon/TV Liscensed Games
  • Game god Sorts Thru the Atari 2600 Sports Games

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  • If you have games you want to sell (2600, Coleco, Nintendo, Gameboy, Virtual Boy), send your list and the prices you want for them to me at helmuelt@uwec.edu. Thanks!

    2600 Games For Sale/Trade:

  • I'm interested in trades of rarer games, but send me your trade list and we'll work something out!
  • **Shipping is a flat $3 for 1 lb. orders or less, more than 1lb. packages are more.**

    $5=Shark Attack

    $4=Planet Patrol, Worm War I


  • Sky Jinks, Towering Inferno, Spider Fighter, Popeye, Othello, Video Checkers, Kangaroo,Seaquest, Robot Tank, Solaris, Armor Ambush, Riddle of the Sphinx, 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe


  • Blackjack, RS Football, Centipede, Jungle Hunt, Stampede, Star Wars:ESB, Dig Dug, Haunted House, Fishing Derby, Frogs+Flies, SC Baseball, Raiders of Lost Ark, Grand Prix


  • Demons to Diamonds, Yar's Revenge, Dodge'em, RS: Baseball, Space Attack, Bowling, Video Pinball, Freeway, Golf, Demon Attack, Astroblast, Cosmic Ark, Street Racer, Breakout, Starmaster, Chopper Command, Football, Space War, Warlords, Surround, Berzerk, Canyon Bomber, Circus Atari, Frogger, Homerun, Maze Craze, Donkey Kong, Skiing, Ms. Pac-man

    $.50=ET, Pac-man, Combat, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Missile Command, Night Driver, Video Olympics, Target Fun, Laser Blast, Air Sea Battle, Basketball,

  • Email me the games you want and questions to me at helmuelt@uwec.edu. Thanks!

    Game Lists:

  • VGR's Atari 2600 game list-Plain Text-or-Enhanced Version
  • Dean Dierschow's List
  • Atari2600.COM's List-Listed by manufacturer.

    Why the Atari 2600?

  • There are lots of reasons why the Atari 2600 is such a collecible system. Here's a few:

    1. The 2600 was the pioneer of the home console systems.

    2. The massive amount of games for the 2600 and hard to find games, it is almost impossible for a person to have every game made for the 2600.

    3. The shape of the 2600 cartridges were small and a nice uniform shape. They had a large colorful label, unlike Intellivision games that were awkward and boring.

    The Atari 2600's Reign

    The Atari 2600 originated in the late 70's (1978) and it really blew up the scene in about 1982. Atari was pumping out games and many companies were making good and bad games for the 2600. Then the whole market flopped in 1984, when real personal computers became big and people were jumping on the big pc bandwagon and the now flooded game market (Intellivion and Coleco had game systems at this time also) dried up. Atari spent there time making a computer system themselves and pretty much let the 2600 go. This was until the Nintendo era came. The Nintendo blew away all the gaming available for pc's and Nintendo produced tons of great games for their system like Super Mario Bros. and Zelda. People were blown away by these games and they started buying game systems once again. With the popularity regaining in the video game industry, Atari reissued a new compact version of the 2600 as a cheap alternative to the Ninendo (the Nintendo ran for $100-150, and the Atari ran for under $50). There was a small advertising campaign and Atari remade some of their predrought popular games, and made some of the other 2nd party games, but they didn't waste their time making any new games for the now obsolete 2600, instead they worked on a system similar to the Nintendo, the Atari 7800. Activision did try to make some translation to the 2600, like Double Dragon and Rampage, but the 2600 couldn't handle these games. Presently, Telegames is still making new copies of old games, but no new games are being produced. A few hobbiest have programmed some new games, such as Edtris (a version of Tetris for the 2600), but the 2600 is hard to program for and making the games is extremely complex. If any new games are being created, please let me know!

    Who Made the best 2600 games?

  • Activision and Atari themselves made the best games, but here's my top four game makers:

    1. Activision- Activision was probably the one company that made the 2600 what it was. Pitfall! was probably the most popular game for the 2600 and its sequel was probably the most advanced games for the 2600. Activision games were either excellent or crap. My favorite Activision games are Seaquest (my favorite 2600 game!), Kaboom!, Keystone Kapers, Enduro, and Robot Tank. Some games they made that sucked were Laser Blast (the worst game for the 2600!), Spider Fighter, and Plaque Attack. Activision also stuck by the 2600 until the end when they made games like Kung Fu Master, Double Dragon, and Rampage.

    2. Atari-of course Atari made excellent games, such as Combat, Adventure, etc. Atari is also known for screwing up translations of sure fire liscences for arcade games and movies. Their translation of Pac-man was horrid, as for Dig Dug. After getting the rights for an ET game, they produced a totally lacluster, confusing game that went down in history for the biggest movie liscence flop of all time.

    3. Parker Bros.- With excellent translations of games as Frogger, Q-Bert, Popeye, and Gyruss, I would of loved to see them make a few more games for the 2600.

    4. Spectravision- I only played 3 games by Spectravision (Gangster Alley, Planet Patrol, and Nexar) and they all blew me away, got any Spectravision games to sell me, let me know!

    Best and Worst Cartoon/Movie/TV Liscensed Games:

    ***Movie liscences:***

  • The Good: Raiders of the Lost Ark: A great, complex game that holds true to the movie.
  • The Bad: Krull- This game is confusing, never saw the movie.
  • Ghostbuster- This game is screwy, Dewey!
  • The Ugly: ET- this game is a disgrace, what was Atari smoking?
  • The Unknown: Gremlins, Last Starfighter, Ghostbusters II, Rocky,Tron games, Alien,



    I personally do not have the memory to have scans so I thought I'd send you to a few places to see some good scans:

  • VGR's Scans+Cool Stuff
  • Eddie's Cartridge Scans-Check the bottom of this page for a lot of cool scans!
  • VGR's Enhanced Game List-some games have scans in the list.


    I personnaly have few manuals to type up (unless you want Combat and Pac-Man's!) so here's some places to find typed up manuals:

  • Eddie's Manuals
  • Atari 2600 Document Index

    Downloading 2600 Games:

    You can download 2600 games' replicas (not the original, but pretty much the same). Here are some sights to download at:

  • G.J.Fraser's Classic Video Games-the best place to find downloadable classic games.
  • VGR's Indenture-a great Adventure replica!

    Label Variations:

  • I'm sure you've noticed the many different label styles there are with Atari and Sears games, but the following list tells and describes every different label variation of every 2600 game made by all the different makers, it's really cool:

  • Label Variation List

    2600 Sports Games:


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