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Voting Results as of 3/2
Favorite KK MovieCurrent Results KK 78, KKII 11, KKIII 5, NKK 1-Still a dumb question, its interesting to see someone actually voted for The Next Karate Kid (in my opinion NKK was nothing more than a cheap rip-off of KK's plot).
Favorite Cobra Kai memberCurrent ResultsJohny 35, Dutch 24, Bobby 17, Kreese 8, Tommy 5, Jimmy 2-a lot closer then I would think, of course they did give Dutch and Bobby more interesting personalities in the movie with their quick comebacks and funny faces. Still would think Kreese would be higher.
Biggest KK babeCurrent ResultsAli 55, Kumiko 14, Julie 10, Jessica 7-come on now, wasn't Ali a little chunky in KKI? Everyone isn't voting for Shue now just because they just saw Palmetto now are they!.
Biggest KK studCurrent ResultsDaniel 27, Johny 22, Dutch 10, Terry 7-Daniel finally overtakes Johny, once again I stress that I don't understand women! Sure they vote Daniel as the biggest stud, but I know they would leave the bar with Johny before Daniel!!! If you like Daniel so much, look at a few pictures of me! Pic 1 and Pic 2.
Favorite 80s moviesCurrent ResultsBack2theFuture 24, Goonies 23, Bill+Ted 22, Breakfast Club 17, Ferris Buehler 12, Pee-Wee's BA 6, 16 candles 5, Indiana Jones 5, Gremlins 5, Real Genius 2, License2Drive 1-wow, a battle amongst BTTF, Goonies, and Bill+Ted. I'm a little surprised Bill+Ted is so high.
Favorite "Cruel Summer" versionCurrent ResultsBananarama's 51, Ace of Base's 12-Ace of Base is gaining a little ground. I may have been a little hard on the Ace of Base version before, at least they didn't mess with the song too much, but of course I can't see making a remake of a song if you have no intentions of improving it. I do feel that Ace of Base was losing popularity and used the remake of CS to try to get some attention, notice that they named the album "Cruel Summer" also.

Voting Results as of 12/15
Favorite KK Movie KK 19, KKII 3, KKIII 2, NKK 0-when I reflect on it, this was the dumbest question I asked, I'm going to change it to your favorite KK Sequel.
Favorite Cobra Kai memberJohny 10, Dutch + Bobby 6, Kreese 3, Tommy 1, Jimmy0-a better question, I knew Johny would be #1 and Dutch was going to be up there also, but I figured Kreese would be higher and Bobby lower.
Biggest KK babeAli 15, Kumiko 6, Julie 4, Jessica 1-I thought Ali would rule especially since Shue is so well known and is such a babe now. I also figured annoying Jessica would suck. What surprised me was that Kumiko was higher than Julie, I thought with Swank being on BH 90210 she would have been higher.
Biggest KK studJohny 8, Daniel 4, Dutch 4, Terry 2-I only made this question to be fair to the ladies, and I'm a guy so I'm not going to comment to much on it, but Johny being a bigger stud than Daniel? Come on, didn't you learn anything from the movie!
Favorite 80s moviesBreakfast Club 6, Goonies 5, Back2theFuture 4, Pee-Wee's BA 3, 16 candles 2, Real Genius 1, Gremlins 1, 0 for Indiana Jones, License2Drive, Ferris Buehler, +Bill+Ted-I need more votes to comment, but I'm surprised so far that Indiana and Ferris haven't gotten any votes. I thought everyone loved Ferris? I also was at first scared to put Indiana Jones down because there are so many psycho Jones and Harris Ford fans out there (notice: I left out every Star Wars+Star Trek movies). It's nice to see Goonies is up there, I love that movie! Check out The Goonies.com, it's a great page! If you haven't seen License to Drive w/ Corey Haim and Corey Feldman please do, I think it was a greatly underrated movie. The only reason anyone knows about it was because a young Heather Graham was in it (she was Rollergirl in "Boogie Nights").
Favorite "Cruel Summer" versionBananarama's 14, Ace of Base's 1-it's nice to see only one person sold out to Ace of Base's rip-off! I admit the new version is kind of funky, but it doesn't have the intensity that the original had. I would puke if I would have heard Ace of Base's version played during the classic school scene. It just wouldn't have been the same!