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  • Mickeys- Mickey's is my sauce of choice. Whether it's a 6er, 40, 64, 4-silos, or in any other form, this malt liquor is the rage!

  • Guiness- Guiness comes a close second. Thick Irish brew!

  • Tanueray- Nothing like a 100 proof gin to mix your juice with. As seen on Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Gin and Juice" video.

  • Bud Light- When Schlitz is watching his gut, Bud Light's the pub beverage of choice.

  • MGD - Miller Genuine Draft was the bev of choice back at D-TOWN, I like the stuff but everytime I drink it, I think of crappy D-town.

  • Old Milwaukee- Yo, when Lane wantsa get Jewish wit it, Old Swills the choice. Cheap and almost drinkable.

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