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1976-1994- Lane was stuck in the crappiest town on the face of this earth, D-TOWN! Luckily in May '94, he graduated and left D-TOWN for good.

1994-1995- Lane went to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. College was the BOMB! I lived in Putnam Hall and was Pre-Med.

Late 1995- 1st semester Sophmore year, I stayed at Putnam and met a bunch of cool incomming Freshman. I also became friends with "Schlitz". I hooked up with Kenny G in late November and we decided it was high time to get the hell out of Putnam Hall.

Early 1996- Me and G moved to the 4th floor of Towers South and had a bitchin' time. We met a lot of people that we still are friends with now. I changed my major to Environmental Public Health.

To be continued...

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