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Fr8train Lane- This one originated back at St. Mary's in D-town. I was called it on and off until I graduated from high school. The only punk who calls me fr8train now is Dirk Diggler AKA Funky Punky.

House of Lane- Back at D-town, I loved the rap group House of Pain, rapped "Jump Around" in classes, and had the House of Pain '92 Tour poster in my locker back at D-town High School.

Schlitz- 1st Semester Sophmore year in college, me and my dorm buddies used to drink Schlitz Malt Liquor because we were underage jews. This led to the "Schlitz fan club" (we had over 100 members) and I ended up with the nickname "Schlitz".

Schlitz of Pain- I was looking for a rap name for myself and Danny D combined my love of Schlitz malt liquor and the rap group House of Pain for this nickname.

Lit'l Louie- While working at Menards, Craig started calling me Lit'l Louie.

Jiggyray- At the time Jimmy Ray's "Are you Jimmy Ray?" and Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" were the hit songs at the time. Just like with Schlitz of Pain, these were combined and in Panama City Beach, Florida that Spring Break, Jiggyray came up. I still have my airbrushed "Jiggy-ray" shirt from Panama City.

Pukey- I have to thank Krista for this name. In my Senior year at UWEC, me and my roommates used to throw house parties at 320 2nd every Thursday night, and like clockwork at 10:30PM I would spew my liquor and start drinking again.

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