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A Cache Archive of THE ORIGINAL Karate Kid Page done by Lane's Karate Kid Page

The Katate Kid Favorite Character Votes

Thank you everyone for voting!

1. Daniel (Ralph Macchio)-29
2. Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita)-27
3. Ali (Elisabeth Shue)-19
4. Johnny (William Zabka)-18
5. Dutch (Chad McQueen)-10
6. Kreese (Martin Kove)-7
7. Freddy (Israel Juarbe)-5
8. Lucille (Randee Heller)-3
8. Tommy (Rob Garrison)-3
9. Unnamed Semi-Finalist's Fat Opponent-2
9. Bobby (Ron Thomas)-2
9. Lady with Dog(Frances Bay)-2
10. Ring Anouncer (Bruce Malmuth)-1
10. Ali's Father-1
10. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith)-1
10. Karate Semi-finalist(Darryl Vidal)-1
10. Daniel's "Gigantic Runaway Zit"-1
10. Black Spiderman at dance-1
10. Chopstick fly-1

My Favorite Emails:

First, you gotta put in my vote for Elisabeth because she is a total babe, and because she mastered the concerned look when Daniel was getting his ass kicked.

Anyway, you may want to mention on your site that there is a band in Chicago called "Sweep the leg Johnny". I didn't get it at first...


My favorite Karate Kid character would have to be Tommy because he laughed all the time and was kind of psycho. Also, he uttered the two best insults in the film: "I really like you car, Mrs. Larusso!" and "Must be 'Take a Worm For a Walk' week!!!"

That look Johnny gives Kreese when Kreese says "No mercy" is the single greatest piece of acting in the history of mankind.

When he broke Ali's stereo, Johnny was put over the top for me as the most convincing pure villian I've ever seen.

Johnny realized all of our terrorization of transfer student fantasies like no other.

Kreese gets my vote. Any one who would tell a little old man that "if your boy doesn't show up, it's open season on him...and you" gets a vote in my book.

Aimee Frake

My favorite character would obviously have to be the ring announcer, Bruce Malmuth. This is specifically because of his glorious mutton chop style sideburns and his spectacular outfit.

My favorite character in The Karate Kid is the the fat Cobra Kai who the Unnamed Semi-Finalist kicks in the stomach at the All Valley Tournament.


My vote is for Alli's father. He didn't even care when Daniel knocked the brick out of the front porch. He just calmly said, "I thought you were going to get that fixed." He also showed great concern for Alli at the country club dinner by saying, "Oh no, not that boy from Recida." What a cool guy.

David J Mirza

My favorite character definitely has to be Daniel. Not only does he win in the end, he has some of the greatest outfits! For example, the all time classic combo of plaid shirt and camouflage pants!

Tony Fox

The most intriguing character comes from the first movie: Daniel's "Gigantic Runaway Zit" that he so eloquently introduces to Ali and her friend.

Justin G

I'm gonna have to vote for the fat guy. I'm fat myself and he looked pretty cool.

Justin Dluhy

My brother and I vote for the fly that got caught in the chopsticks. You have to be a pretty devoted to a movie to give your life for it. Plus you have te be incredibly trained to stay in front of Mr. Miyagi all that time.

Ellen Thomas

You are Cobra Kai #to have voted, hopefully

Send your votes and they will be posted as soon as possible.