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A Cache Archive of THE ORIGINAL Karate Kid Page done by Lane's Karate Kid Page

The Karate Kid Toys

Does anybody remember The Karate Kid action figures? I had almost all of them. They were figures about six inches tall that moved at the arms waist and their legs also moved. I used to always make Daniel lose because Johnny will always be the champ to me. They also came out with a The Karate Kid nintendo game. All I remember about this game was trying to catch the flies with the chopsticks and breaking the ice with the karate chop. If anybody has extra info on any of these please email me.

Video Game

Karate Kid 2 was released on the Amiga (that's the only version I know about I'm afraid)...It was basically a beat-em-up getting progressively harder.

The game tried to follow the plot of the second movie including fights on the bridge, at the house etc...

However, probably the best parts of the game were the bonus levels. These were, as you said, in the form of catch the fly and break the ice. Both included a rather nice digitised of Miyagi's head and the other of the scene with the ice blocks in the cafe. Catching the fly was a lot easier with an autofire joystick! As for breaking the awful lot of joystick waggling was required. The final showdown, as in the movie, was on the centre platform of the old castle. After another fight there was a strange bit where you were supposed to waggle the joystick in time with the drum. I alwys found that if you just waggle away and hit the fire always won!


As well as the figures I was lucky enough to get the dojo aswell. This was really cool. I remember it well. It was mainly red, green and yellow. One big lump of plastic! The figures, as you said, were good. I never had Johnny...just Daniel, Miyagi and a couple of the bad guys from the second film.

Info courtesy of Rich Smith

You are Cobra Kai #to have read about Karate Kid toys

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