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Deep Thoughts on The Karate Kid Sequels

Well the sequels were interesting additions for the most part I must say. I enjoyed seeing how they could possibly run a good story line with the lack of the original Cobras in any of them. The exception being the very beginning of Karate Kid II. And as the sequels themselves as evidence, you can see they don't even compare to the original Karate Kid. I thought the second was the worst of the three because of the setting. I found it dull and ridiculous at some points, especially when the fight at the dance occurs. The third I found to be funny because Daniel gets tricked by the former Cobra into doing some pretty stupid stuff. It was also pretty good because he defended his title in the All Valley Tournament. But the one thing really separated the first and third Karate Kid was the lack of the school scenes and gang aspect, which the Cobras brought to the first Karate Kid. But I guess there wasn't any school scenes because according to the movie it was still summer when Daniel and Mr. Miyagi got back, yet the tournament in which Daniel beat Johnny for the championship was held on December 19. Either they moved the tournament up or that was a small glitch in the story line. And as for The Next Karate Kid I will not comment on it because I have not seen it and don't plan on seeing it because that really, in my mind, would totally degrade the original. Without Johnny and the rest of the Cobras the sequels were no match.

I just read your analyses of the sequels. Honestly, I couldn't agree more. I have the trilogy on tape now and I must have watched them each about five times over the summer when I got sick a few times. Anyway, I have found that Part II has no entertainment value without the first and that Part III is just a comic relief after the embarassment of Par II. I, too, haven't seen the Next. I believe that someone just tried to capitalize on Ralph Maccio and has obviously failed. I did see part of it when my roommate here at Villanova had it on HBO. I emplore you not to see it. It is awful from what I saw.

I'm sure I will send you more stuff soon; I love the movies and it's great to talk to someone with my same obsession.

See you later,

Jim Foley

I just read the analysis on the Deep Thoughts on the Sequels. Personally I think that K's 1 and 2 were the best and the 3rd was a waste of time and money. The Next Karate Kid was pretty good. It's just too bad that the director was cheap enough not to call back the original actors and actresses from parts 1 and 2. I liked 1 and 2 the best because of the action scenes in them and they both had a very good story line. About the glitch that you mentioned about the tournament date...I have no idea. All I know is that I enjoyed 1 and 2 but 3 can go fly a kite and The Next...well, I liked it. And about the actor Ralph Macchio himself. He's ten years older than me! aaaaah! I thought it was cool that he had a wife and two children. From the impression I got from him in his movies, I didn't think that he was the marrying type or was even interested in starting his own family. I thought that he was just in the movies to make enough money for College...ooops, guess I was dead wrong. Later days,

Evan Eagle

I have been a huge fan of the Karate Kid series ever since I watched the first one when I was seven years old. It was great, the villains were jerks, but still cool, and the chemistry between Miyagi and Daniel was riviting. As for the sequels, the Karate II was good because of the funny and sincere story line, also the fight scene at the end was intense. The third Karated Kid was decent, the reason it is not as good as its predicessors is because it was not believable. How could Daniel beat the villian from the second Karate Kid and not be able to land a punch on the "Bad Boy of Karate". But still the chemistry between Miyagi and Daniel was riviting and the disagreement over the tournament sign-up was a good story line. Now I have to review the Next Karate Kid, a true abomination. This movie was dumb and goofy. The villians were lame and the chemistry between Miyagi and the girl was non-existant. Also the Next Karate Kid lacked gorgeous cimetography and good fight choreography, which the first three movies had. The Karate Kid is most defenitely a classic.


I would have to say that I enjoyed parts I and II the best! The original is by far the best, and the II is close behind. A lot of movies have big dropoffs on the sequels, but not with Karate Kid! I thought the story line was good and it put a lot of deserved emphasis on Mr. Miagi. I did not like part III very much though as it was too hard to believe the story line. I especially did not like the fact that Daniel automatically got to the finals. I think one of the best parts of part I was the tournament action. I will admit that The Next Karate Kid surprised me a little. Although it does not compare with I or II, it was not all that bad. I wish Ralph could have made a cameo! Also, we need a part V so Daniel can finally get the girl!

Tony Fox

I think that the First and third karate Kids were the best. Although the second grossed the most, I think that it lacked in fight scenes. Karate kid 1 and 3 had a lot of fight scenes and a good story. I do not think that the karate Kid 3 was that bad. But I cant understand how Daniel could beat the villians from the first and second movies, and only land one punch to the villian of the third film. But I just think that the Karate Kid films were good. I saw the next Karate Kid once, I think it was a joke. I would give it a D+ if I were to rate it. The First a A, the Second a C+ and the Third a B.


I definately liked part I the best. I have seen all four Karate Kid movies. Part I was the best. Part II lost a lot of the magic of part I. Part III gained some of that magic back, but part one was the best. I cannot compare The Next Karate Kid with the original because it was a complete takeoff. The story was almost exactly the same. It was preety good, but it doesn't compare to the original. If someone watched The Next Karate Kid and then the original, they would be very surprised at just how good it is. I do think, however, that there needs to be a part five, where Daniel and Julie get together (to fight- not romantically).


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