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A Cache Archive of THE ORIGINAL Karate Kid Page done by Lane's Karate Kid Page

The Karate Kid Quotes

Mr. Miyagi- No such thing bad student. Only bad teacher.

Tommy- Must be take a worm for a walk week.

Daniel-This damn bike...I hate this bike...this damn bike.
Courtesy of Matt Misselbeck

Freddy's friend- You sure pick cool people to be friends with Freddy.
Courtesy of Matt Misselbeck

Tommy-Yea, get him a body bag, he, he, he, he!!
Courtesy of Mercury

Kreese- Mercy is for the week. We do not train to be merciful here. A man confronts you on the street, he is your enemy. Enemies deserve no mercy. What is the problem Mr. Laurence?
Courtesy of Mercury

Daniel- "Hey Mr Miyagi, do you know how to sweep?"
Miyagi- "Of course Daniel San"
Daniel- "D'ya think ya could show me?"
Miyagi- Gets brush...
Miyagi- "First go like this..."
Courtesy of Richard Michael Smith

Tommy- "I really like your car, Mrs. Larusso."
Courtesy of Jim Foley

Daniel- "This school sucks, man."
Courtesy of Jim Foley

Daniel- "She buries Judy."
Courtesy of Jim Foley

Kreese- "This is a Karate Dojo, not a kniting class...You don't drop a challenge and leave old man."
Courtesy of Jim Foley

Kreese- "You're nothing, you lost, you're a loser!"
Johnny- "No, you're the loser, man!"

Courtesy of Matt Bourjaily

Lucille(Daniel's Mom)- " Daniel why'd you throw your bike away?"

Courtesy of Brian Kreilkamp

Daniel- "AHH bathin' suits."

Courtesy of Brian Kreilkamp

Dutch- "Points or no points, you're dead meat, dead meat."

Courtesy of Brian Kreilkamp

Daniel- "yeah I used to study a little karate at the Y."

Courtesy of Brian Kreilkamp

Bobby- "Listen Johnny he's had enough!"
Johnny-"I'll decide when he's had enough."

Courtesy of Brian Kreilkamp

Daniel-"Macaroni and cheese, hey you know what I like...hey did you say macaroni and cheese...I never say no to macaroni and cheese."

Courtesy of Jonathan B Hochberg

Ali- "Ali with an i. How about yours?"
Daniel- "Daniel, with an l."

Courtesy of Derek J Mirza

Daniel catches fly with chopsticks, Mr. Miagi- "You beginner luck."
Courtesy of Tony Fox

In part II; Daniel- "Is this seat taken?"
Courtesy of Tony Fox

Daniel- "Haven't you ever heard that when you make a wish in a shower it always comes true?"
Courtesy of Justin Goldwater

Ali- "How fast does this baby go?"
Daniel- "Let's not find out."
Courtesy of Daniel Pitt Stoller

Miyagi- "Karate here, karate never here."
Courtesy of Daniel Pitt Stoller

Miyagi: "Concentrate. Focus power!"
Courtesy of Daniel Pitt Stoller

Daniel: "You're the best friend I ever had."
Miyagi: "Oy, you pretty okay too!"
Courtesy of Daniel Pitt Stoller

Johnny: "How bout you hero....had enough?"
Courtesy of William Zabka

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