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A Cache Archive of THE ORIGINAL Karate Kid Page done by Lane's Karate Kid Page
George Clooney
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"The Karate Kid was a very important time and event in my life...I suppose that is what prompted me to write you. Seeing a Web page on the film we did almost 14 years ago was neat."-William Zabka
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Welcome to the first Karate Kid Homepage. What a classic 80's movie. It's got comedy, romance, and action. The first time I saw this movie was when my fam ventured out and bought our first VCR. We rented one movie from the local videostore, The Karate Kid. Right then, although I was 5, I knew this was a classic. I would like to thank Matt Pasant for most of the pictures seen here on The Karate Kid Hompage. Now you can visit Matt Pasant's Top Gun page. Check it out it's really cool. Another page that you can't miss is Matt Bourjaily's The Ralph Macchio Page. Anything and everything you want to know about Ralph. Matt Bourjaily also supplied me with some pictures.

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Karate Kid Stars-See what else they have done

Ralph Macchio (Daniel)

Pat Morita (Mr.Miyagi)

Elisabeth Shue (Ali)

Randee Heller (Lucille)

Martin Kove (Kreese)

William Zabka (Johnny)

Ron Thomas (Bobby)

Rob Garrison (Tommy)

Chad McQueen (Dutch)

Tony O'Dell (Jimmy)

Israel Juarbe (Freddy)

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    If you have any info, suggestions, Karate Kid stuff, or just want to talk to me about the movie send me an email , if you would like.

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