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A Cache Archive of THE ORIGINAL Karate Kid Page done by Lane's Karate Kid Page

The Karate Kid "Did You Know...?"

- That when Cho-sen picks up Mr. Miyagi at the airport in Karate Kid II, the song on the radio is the SAME song playing at the Country Club when Johnny and Ali are dancing in Karate Kid One?

- The worst one of all, that Mr. Miyagi LIED to Daniel on one of his first meetings with him? This little bit of info comes out after viewing "The Next Karate Kid." After saving Daniel's ass in "Karate Kid I", Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi if he's ever taught anyone karate. Mr. Miyagi says no. However, in "The Next Karate Kid" we find out that Julie's grandfather was taught karate by Mr. Miyagi in return for saving his life.

- Foreshadowing: When Daniel is in the workshop and discussing the Halloween dance, he says he would only go if he went as "The Invisible Man." The shower curtain Mr. Miyagi makes his costume from is on the wall behind Daniel during this scene.

- There's a dance scene in every movie, 1-4. Why?

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Matt Bourjaily
Courtesy of Matt Bourjaily

-If you look at when Lucille parks in from of Ali's house, she puts the car in park with her right hand. Then all of a sudden, the car turns back into a stick shift when it won't start.

Courtesy of Jim Foley

-One of the Cobra Kai extras in Karate Kid later went on to star in The Head of the Class tv series? I think his name was Tony O'Dell.

Courtesy of Tony Fox

-In the final fight scene at the All-Valley tournament, Johnny gets his second point by punching Daniel on the ground. The ref callls it a "kick to the side."

Courtesy of Jon Hochberg

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