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CD Listings= Click on the box of next to CD name if you want that CD, click again on it to erase it. When all selections are made, go to bottom of page and fill out informion and press the submit button. Thanks!

Rap CDs:

*KRS-One =KRS-One $4.00
*Keith Sweat =Keith Sweat $6.00
*Digatal Underground =Future Rhythem $4.00
*Bone Thugs N Harmony =Creepin on ah Come up $4.00
*Bone Thugs N Harmony =E.1999 Eternal $5
*Case =Case $4.00
*A Tribe Called Quest =Midnight Marauders $4.00
*A Tribe Called Quest =Beats, Rhymes, and Life $5.00
*Naughty By Nature =Naughty by Nature $4.00
*3rd Bass =The Cactus Album $4.00
*Das EFX =Straight Up Sewaside $4.00
*Das EFX =Dead Serious $4.00
*Dr. Dre =Concrete Roots $4.00
*Fu-Schnickens =F.U.-Don't Take it Personal $4.00
*Crucial Conflict =The Final Tic $5.00
*The Hard Corps =Def Before Dishonor $4.00
*Kool Moe Dee =Interlude $4.00
*Public Enemy =Apocalype 91... $4.00
*Snoop Doggy Dogg =The Doggfather $7.00
*Showbiz&A.G. =Party Groove $4.00
*Jodeci =Diary of a Mad Band $4.00
*Brand Nubian =In God We Trust $4.00
*Big Daddy Kane =Looks Like a Job For... $4.00
*Mobb Deep =The Infamous $4.00
*Bobcat =Cat got ya Tongue $4.00
*M.C. Luscious =Boom! $4.00
*Raekwon =Only built for Cuban Linx... $4.00
*Wu-Tang Clan =Wu-Tang Forever $14
*Junior M.A.F.I.A. =Conspiracy $5.00
*Goodie Mob =Soul Food $4.00
*Shaquille O'Neal =Shaq Diesel $4.00
*Ma$e =Harlem World $10
*Black Sheep =Non-Fiction $4.00
*Grand Puba =2000 $4.00
*A+ =The Latch-Key Child $4.00


*Rednex =Sex&Violins $4.00
*Spice Girls =Spice $6.00
*K.W.S. =Please Don't Go (The Album) $4.00
*Us3 =Hand on the Torch $4.00
*Reel 2 Real =Are you Ready for Some More? $5.00
*Pet Shop Boys =Bilingual $6.00


*Alice Cooper =Freak Out $4.00
*Steve Miller Band =the Best of 1968-73 $5.00
*Richard Marx =Repeat Offender $4.00
*Spin Doctors =Turn if Upside Down $4.00
*Hootie and the Blowfish =Cracked Rear View $5.00
*Twisted Sister =Best of $5.00
*Limp Bizkit =3 doller bill, y'all $9.00
*Blues Traveler =Four $4.00
*Tommy Page =Paintings in my Mind =$4.00
Stone Temple Pilots =Purple $5.00
*Love and Rockets =Love and Rockets $4.00
*The Cranberries =No Need to Argue $4.00


*Ren and Stimpy =Radio Daze $4.00
*Club Cutz =Club Cutz $5.00
*Don't Be A Menace Soundtrack $4.00
*20 Fingers Compilation $5.00
*TeeVee Toons: The Commercials $5.00
*New Jack City Soundtrack $4.00
*Rad Rock $4.00
*Gang Related Soundtrack Double-CD $10.00
*All Star Funk Vol. 2 $4.00
*Gridlock'd Soundtrack $5.00


*Blackhawk =Blackhawk $4.00
*Adam Sandler =What the Hell Happened to Me? $7.00

CD Singles:

*Quad City DJ's =C'mon n' Ride It (the Train) $3.00
*The Jock Jam $3.00
*Magoo and Timbaland =Up Jumps Da Boogie $2.00
*The Alkaholiks =Hip Hop Drunkies $2.00
*Mack 10 =Backyard Boogie $2.00
*Shaq, Ice Cube, B-Real, etc. =Men of Steel $2.00
*Nas =If I Ruled the World $2.00
*John Mellencamp =Key West Intermezzo $2.00
*Funkdoobiest =Papi Chulo $2.00
*The Pharcyde =Drop $2.00
*Maxi Priest =That Girl $2.00
*Color Me Bad =I Adore Mi Amor $1.00
*Color Me Bad =Thinkin' Back $1.00
*Positive K =I Got a Man $3.00

Order Form=Please fill out below information to order the above checked CDs.

Email address:
Name (first and last):
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**Notice** Minimum order is $10 before shipping. Shipping is $3.00 per order or possibly more for extremely large orders or orders out of the US. After submitting this form, you will receive by email your bid and payment mailing information. If you have any questions, please email. Thanks!

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